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Keep track of IBCNFTs airdrops & raffles validator airdrops

Every two weeks on Sunday at 10:00 PM UTC, we take a snapshot of all addresses staking with our validators. We then proceed to make a random draw to pick the winners. After that we distribute prizes to the winners. Please allow up to 24H for this process.

The airdrops consists of NFTs from around the IBC Networks, Whitelist spots and in some cases we also airdrop crypto tokens.

Minimum eligibility required:

Stargaze validator: 300 $STARS
Evmos validator: 5 $EVMOS
Sifchain validator: 400 $ROWAN
BitCanna validator: 600 $BCNA

Important notice for EVMOS airdrops:

Evmos is not supported natively by any IBC wallets (e.g. Keplr). As such we need to collect your $EVMOS address separately (anonymous) along with the addresses used for staking $ROWAN and $BCNA through the validators. For other networks, we can generate relevant addresses automatically.

Stake with validators

Below you can see the list of expected airdrops for snapshot ending on the 15th of May, 2022 at 10:00 PM UTC. (Changed from initial date of 8th of May to sync bi-weekly interval to snapshots being taken mid month and end of the month.)

Active IBCNFTs Twitter giveaways


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